Unpacking Your Skillset Subscription – Basic 2023


Join us in Online Sessions to help you Unpack/Pack your Skillset Toolbox and determine how you can function in a Team on a farm.



Join us in Online Sessions to help you Unpack/Pack your Skillset Toolbox. If you don’t know what this service is about, first join us in our Weekly Information Session/Challenge – “Position Yourself – H2A Worker Challenge” by clicking the following link before buying this product: https://f4atd.com/position-f4a.

The process involves providing your information online.

PLEASE NOTE: This product is intended for people who want to Unpack at a higher level to give the USA Farmer more confidence in you as a worker. This is at your own cost and shows your confidence and commitment to the H2A program and the farmer. 

Once you have completed all the relevant tasks that will be sent to as part of this product, your information on the USA Farm Labor portal will be updated, and the USA Farmer will see that you have this extra info about yourself.

What will you get as part of this product:

  • A report on your behaviour patterns/habits. A benchmark has been done on successful H2A workers, and certain habits resulting in success have been identified. You will then to see how you compare with these habits.
  • A Farming Compatibility Profile – a report that gives you and the farmer info about various aspects that shows your compatibility for the farming environment.



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