Practical 3 – 8 March 2024 – Tractor and General Farming for Limited Skilled


Practical training for people with limited to no farming experience. 

You will learn to operate a tractor and GPS systems and various other aspects on the farm.

Training is provided by farmer that worked in the USA.

You need to gain further experience (hours on tractor) to increase your chance of getting work in the USA, but this is a important first step on your journey.



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Please note the following: Before you can attend a practical session:

The fundamental theory courses available on our website is for us a necessary first step as it ensure all the participants on the program have the same basic knowledge – to maximise the time you have to learn to operate the vehicle.  It would not be fair to you attending a practical training session if the trainer have to spend time educating other people in the session the fundamental basics. The intention of the sessions is to put the theory into practice.


Terms and Conditions:

  • This training is for someone that has limited farming skills. You will learn how to operate a tractor and GPS system and also various aspects on the farm. Please talk to us if you have any questions before booking for the session.
  • This does not in any way guarantee work in the USA, but is a first step on your journey of gaining the necessary Skills and Knowledge.
  • You will have to gain experience/hours on farm vehicles to increase your chance of a farmer choosing you.

Price include VAT


Arrival: 16:00 on the first day (the Sunday). Derby: +-150km from Pretoria, OR Harrismith/Fouriesburg, Eastern Free State- 250km from Pretoria. .Will be confirmed


Practical Arrangements:

1) We will create a WhatsApp group with registered candidates, to allow you to make personal travelling arrangements. This will help reduce costs if you travel together where possible.
2) Our starting time is 16h00 on the day of arrival at Derby (exact address to be provided).
3) Meals and accommodation are included with this training. 
4) Bring a water bottle for the practical training on the farm, it gets hot and the cold water makes it more bearable.
5) All bedding will be supplied by the venue, included in your accommodation. – TO BE CONFIRMED
6) Just bring your own towels.
7) You can bring note pad and pen for the learning sessions to take notes.
8) In the winter it can get very cold. Especially in the winter. In the summer: Bring at least a jacket.



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