Interested in making yourself as a farm worker more valuable to a farmer? Then you’ve come to the right place!

We work closely with foreign worker placing Agents as well as farmers so we understand what is required of a farm worker to make it a success on a farm.

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What does it take to work on a USA Farm?

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What do you need to be successful as a USA Farm Worker?

  • The passion for the agriculture environment. To be a farmer.
  • The theoretical understanding of the vehicles used on a farm. It is not just about the ability to be able to drive a tractor. You need to know how to:
    • identify potential mechanical or safety issues on the vehicle
    • how to perform “prechecks”
    • perform maintenance and lubrication where required – such as replacing oils and filters
    • how to safely operate the vehicle.
  • Practical experience
  • Balanced attitude and behaviour – conflict happens, the difference in opinions, accidents – how do you handle these situations?

Ultimately: Understand and respect the ultimate goal a farmer wants and needs to achieve – and work as a team to achieve it

Our Framework for Success


Building your fundamental knowledge on the vehicles:

  • Safety and Hazards
  • Components
  • Prechecks
  • Maintenance
  • Operation

Practical Skills

Whether you have limited skills, or have some skills but would like to get more experience on a Left Hand Truck, a Tractor, a Combine Harvester or Self Propelled Sprayer, we have various opportunities available to increase your skillset.

Emotional Skills

What is the biggest reason things don’t work in the USA?

Except for lying on your CV and not being able to do the work, it is about human relationships. Conflict between you and your fellow workers, and the farmer.

We help you gain skills that help you the rest of your life.

Farming Training Online Courses Available – Fundamental Theory

The training courses we have developed has been designed specifically to take you to the next level. To make you more marketable to a farmer.

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Ready to join our program on the “Unpacking your skillset” program? Join the program by clicking on the product link below. If you are not sure what “Unpacking” is, please join our free session on Mondays for more detail on opportunities on the H2A program, by clicking here.

It is with great sadness we have to announce that Louis is no longer with us.

F4A will still continue to function.